Aesthetic Surgical Treatment

Aesthetic Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular at Oranos Clinic in recent years. Here we offer you as a patient a wide range of options to improve your appearance without the need for surgery. Some of the most popular non-surgical treatments include Botox, Sculptra, Juvederm and similar treatments.


These treatments are performed by licensed health care professionals, doctors and nurses and can be customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Non-surgical treatments offer a convenient and effective way to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance without the risks and recovery time sometimes associated with surgery.

Our Range

Thread Lift

We use biodegradable PolyDiOxanone (PDO) threads that dissolve in the body after about 6-9 months depending on the type of thread. PDO threads are the same material as the threads used to sew internal organs. These threads, also known as surgical threads, are well proven and have been used for decades in heart and lung surgery. Before deciding on a treatment, you will come to the doctor for a personal consultation. You will be given information on how the thread lift works and whether the method is suitable for achieving the results you want.


Juvederm is a filler that contains hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally present in your skin. Juvederm is a filler that is used for several different types of treatments. Allergan, who developed this filler, has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and over 16 million have been performed worldwide. The demand for Juvederm treatments is constantly increasing and a large number of clinical studies have been conducted to ensure your safety. Juvederm injection treatments can be used to create volume, shape lips and increase volume, moisturize your skin and remove wrinkles and lines on the face. There is a range of different Juvederm products and the licensed doctor or nurse will ensure that the right product is used for you. Juvederm gives you a natural result and leaves no recovery time and you can return to work after treatment with some swelling. Juvederm also contains a local anesthetic that makes the treatment as gentle and painless as possible. The hyaluronic acid in Juvederm is absorbed by the skin over time, which means that you need to do a couple of treatments per year to maintain the same results. At Gerlee Plastic Surgery, only medically licensed staff perform this type of treatment.

Sculptra – collagen production

Sculptra treatment activates your own collagen production and restores lost collagen. This leads to smoother and firmer skin. Lost volume is restored and your skin takes on a naturally more youthful appearance. Sculptra consists of poly-L-lactic acid and is biodegradable and therefore naturally absorbed by the body over time. Collagen is a protein in the skin that gives the skin its structure and firmness. As we age, collagen in the skin decreases and by the age of 45 you have lost up to 25% of your collagen.


Botox is a name for a drug that contains Botulinum A. More names such as Azzalure and Vistabel contain Botulinum A and work in the same way. It is a very effective treatment that is medically proven. The medicine works by causing the muscles to temporarily relax. When you perform facial expressions, you use muscles in your face, which in turn creates wrinkles. By using botox, one can treat wrinkles caused by this. Wrinkles that are most effectively treated with Botox / Azzalure / Vistabel include the wrinkles between the eyes, also known as worry wrinkles. Other treatment areas where botox can be effectively used are wrinkles in the forehead, wrinkles around the mouth and jaw area, and wrinkles around the edges of the eyes (crow’s feet).

The treatment result lasts between 3-6 months and can be repeated if necessary. Possible side effects are few and include headaches and that you may feel a little heavy in the head. Above all, there is no recovery time after the treatment, so you are fully presentable to your friends when you leave freshly treated from us.

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