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At Oranos Plastikkirurgi, we have been performing intimate surgical procedures on women for several years where we believe there is a medical indication for the procedure. Intimate surgery is a collective name for a number of different procedures, but it usually means labia minora (reduction of the labia minora), clitoris lifting (reduction of the skin coat) and vaginal tightening.


Having problems with the most intimate part of your body is not something only you are affected by, but the problem is found in many individuals.. Feeling discomfort when using certain items of clothing, having physical and sexual problems during intercourse, and during other physical exercises or psychological problems due to deviant appearance is something that has been widespread/known for a long time and as information about the procedure being possible to carry out has also increased the demand has increased dramatically. Irregularities in the appearance of the labia may lead to damage due to chafing.


Reasons for your desired operation may relate to asymmetries that are congenital and deviations that occurred at a later stage, for example during childbirth. You don’t have to have a limited sex life or a problem-filled everyday life. At Oranos Plastic Surgery, we have helped many people overcome their problems.

Our Range

Birth injuries

Birth injuries can vary greatly. Common problems include improperly healed or improperly stitched surgery, scar tissue, removal of a skin flap and damage to the labia. We offer a range of treatments to match your needs.

Clitoral Sheath Reduction

Reduction of the clitoral coat is a surgical procedure where you remove part of the skin folds on both sides of the clitoral coat, in connection with the operation you can also give the clitoris a lift.

Reduction of Outer Labia

When women age, after childbirth or when losing weight, it is common for the labia to relax, which sometimes leads to inhibited sex life, problems with skin infections and chafing. This can be corrected surgically through labiaplasty. In labiaplasty, the size or shape of the labia is changed, asymmetries can also be corrected. The procedure can be combined with vaginoplasty for the desired result.

Reduction of inner labia

The procedure involves a reduction of the inner labia that starts at the clitoris and extends down to the vaginal opening. The size is individual, if you stretch them, they can vary in size between one and eight centimeters. Increased growth of the inner labia can cause pain, irritation and discomfort during intercourse or wearing tight clothing. It may also be that you only wish to correct the appearance of the inner labia for aesthetic reasons. In labiaplasty, the size or shape of the labia is changed, asymmetries can also be corrected. The procedure can be combined with vaginoplasty for the desired result.

Vaginal Tightening

A vaginal tightening is a surgical procedure that helps you and your partner to increase sexual satisfaction. Tightening is common after, for example, childbirth when you can feel that the vaginal muscles have weakened and sexual intercourse has been affected. You can make a smaller or bigger narrowing depending on the individual case. Some only need to tighten at the vaginal opening, others all the way in.

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