Plastic Surgery

Why Oranos?

At Oranos Clinic, we work with reconstructive surgery where only medically proven techniques are used. We have a long collective experience with our competent employees. With us, you can always feel safe.

✓ More than ten years of experience in plastic surgery.
✓ The best international specialists in plastic surgery.
✓ The world’s most advanced equipment and tools.

Our range of surgeries

We work in different fields of expertise. Choose one are of interest to read more about the different treatments and solutions.

Has extensive experience in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Diab Ahmad

Specialist in Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery, Medical Director.

Specialist in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Gerlee

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

The best Nordic specialists in surgery.

We understand that you have unique requests and that is why we spend extra time to fully understand your needs. Welcome to book a free consultation with Dr. Ahmad Diab and Dr. Gerlee, our most prominent specialist in surgery.