Services We Offer

We have summarized an overview of all our treatments below and what they cost. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our treatments or prices, or if you already know your needs, you are welcome to book a consultation directly through our booking.

Ek-kirurgisk behandling


Financial Solutions

We offer the option to split your payment interest-free over a year for amounts up to SEK 50,000. We collaborate with Resursbank and Medical finance. This is how an example of a partial payment might look like:

Breast augmentation for SEK 45,000 12 months SEK 3750/month, 24 months SEK 1875/month.


Breast augmentation for SEK 45 000 SEK 12 months 3 750 SEK/month or 24 months 1 875 SEK/month


Abdominoplasty for 45 000 SEK 12 months. 3 750 SEK/month or 24 months 1 875 SEK/month


Eyelid plastic surgery for 23 000 SEK 12 months 1 915 SEK/month or 24 months 960 SEK/month


Here is a list of prices withing each category

The prices on this page are approximate and vary depending on your conditions before the procedure. We charge for the estimated time of the operation. The operation cost is calculated and a fixed price is only offered after your consultation.


Breast augmentation regardless of implant type (smooth or textured) including capsule insurance.44 900 kr
Breast augmentation + breast lift67 900 kr
Breast augmentation with fat44 900 kr
Breast lift42 900 kr
Implant replacement44 900 kr
Removal of implants26 900 kr
Breast reduction43 900 kr
Nursing home plastic surgery21 900 kr
Gynecomastia surgery/ male breast reduction34 900 kr
Gynecomastia with liposuction43 900 kr


Arm plastic surgery42 900 kr
Complete abdominoplasty (navel displacement and liposuction)66 900 kr
Abdominoplasty large (navel displacement)56 900 kr
Abdominoplasty small37 900 kr
Liposuction breast (male)32 900 kr
Chin/neck liposuction25 900 kr
Liposuction arms25 900 kr
Abdominal liposuction38 900 kr
Liposuction flanks26 900 kr
Liposuction stomach and flanks43 900 kr
Liposuction back49 900 kr
Liposuction hips28 900 kr
Inner thigh liposuction30 900 kr
Liposuction outer thigh30 900 kr
Liposuction inner & outer thighs51 900 kr
Liposuction Pubic region24 900 kr
Liposuction venusberg24 900 kr
Liposuction knees20 900 kr
Fat graft breast44 900 kr
Fat transplant butt (Brazilian Butt Lift)61 900 kr
Thigh plastic surgery62 900 kr


Face lift70 900 kr
Neck lift40 900 kr
Fat transplantation Face26 900 kr
Fat grafting for folds around the mouth18 900 kr
Fat grafting/lip augmentation20 900 kr
VY plastic (clarify the lip contour)21 900 kr
Chin implant / cheek implant31 900 kr
Rhinoplasty small (cartilage)31 900 kr
Rhinoplasty large55 900 kr
Upper eyelid plastic surgery23 900 kr
Lower eyelid plastic surgery30 900 kr
Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery49 900 kr
Eyebrow lift35 900 kr
Ear replacement27 900 kr

Gynecological Clinic

Gynecological examination1500 kr

Aesthetic Gynecology

Konsultation500 kr
Botox for vaginismus4500 kr
FemiLift™ från 4000 kr
FemiTight™3000 kr
Urine leakagefrån 4000 kr
Intimate filler3500 kr/ml
Intimate bleaching – Microneedling2500 kr
Intimate whitening – C02 Laser3500 kr
Intimate bleaching – PRP3500 kr
Intimate bleaching – INTIMATE PINK1000 kr
G-spot augmentation4000 kr

Intimate Surgery

Consultation 5 000 kr
Vaginal tightening35 000 kr
Reduction of clitoral sheath22 000 kr
Reduction of outer labia22 000 kr
Reduction of inner labia22 000 kr
Cystoscopy +\- Px (biopsies from the bladder)12 000 – 22 000 kr
TRUL +\- prostate Biopsies systemic or targeted)12 000 – 22 000 kr
General Urology examination and assessment (including infertility investigation)1500 kr
TUR-B Transurethral resection of bladder tumor28 000 kr
TUV-P transurethral vaporization of prostate green or holmum laser33 000 kr
All stone measures ( nephrolithioectomy – uretrolithioectomy- cystolitheoectomy-
+\- DJ embed)
36 000 kr
Small OPs (hydrocelectomy, spermatocelectomy, varicocelectomy, vasectomy, circumssion …..)28 000 kr
Penile Prosthesis (inflatable or malleable)32 000 kr
Filler treatment for premature ejaculation and penile enlargement18 000 kr
Spatz Closure (Adjustable, USA) 12 Month Balloon
Adjusting the Spatz balloon costs SEK 5,000
42 000 kr
Overstitch Endoscopic Gastroplasty115 000 kr
Botox (azzalure) 1 area2500 kr
Botox (azzalure) 2 area2800 kr
Botox (azzalure) 3 area3500 kr
Filler (restylane) 1 ml2800 kr
Thread lift (8 threads)6000 kr
Thread lift face and neck10 000 kr
Thread lift single threads900 kr
1,500 GRAFTS23 000 kr
2,000 GRAFTS32 000 kr
2,500 GRAFTS37,000 kr
3,000 GRAFTS42,000 kr
3,500 GRAFTS45,000 kr
EyebrowFrom 25 000 kr
BeardFrom 25 000 kr
PRP Hair Mini2000 kr
PRP after hair transplant2000 kr
PRP Beard3300 kr
PRP Hair Standard3300 kr
PRP Hair XL3900 kr
+ extra area1500 kr
Classic facial treatment – express300 kr
Classic facial treatment – ladies550 kr
Classic facial treatment – gents550 kr
Classic facial treatment – deluxe1200 kr

Epilia diode laser RF hair removal

Chin400 kr
Cheeks450 kr
Upper lip350 kr
Jawline450 kr
Whole face950 kr
Lower leg800 kr
Thigh1200 kr
Whole leg1850 kr
Arms750 kr
Armpits600 kr
Lower back450 kr
Stomach450 kr
Breast650 kr
The bikini line450 kr
Brazilian950 kr
Fractional laser (C02) – The forehead1500 kr
Fractional laser (C02) – Cheeks2000 kr
Fractional laser (C02) – Whole face3500 kr